These imbeciles could not find a practical 1000 lb car with both hands.
The big car companies should fire the science fiction fantasy artists, and hire a bicycle or better, a velomobile mechanic, then an aerodynamics engineer. We just had the automotive X-Prize awarded to Edison2, why isn\'t their very light car among those on display?
Tomáš Kapler
how do you know it is
A 1923 Amilcar 4 seater sounds ideal on all accounts.
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I like innovation- I think it spurs creative thinking out of the box, which is the purpose of this contest I\'m sure. Some of these designs are thoroughly impossible or impractical, but some I would have right away.
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Wow, I can\'t wait for one of these concept cars... They\'ll run on zero point energy, clean the air, are edible, have no moving parts and when you buy them from new they start as a seed you plant in your backyard that grows into a full car over night. Amazing... :P
I concur with TogetherinParis, if we look back in recent history, Lotus designed and built an 1100lb. car in the late 1960-early 1970 period called the \'Elite\" and today\'s Mazda Miata is styled from it, granted it is grossely overweight as it is almost twice that of the Elite. With modern materials like carbon fiber and nano structures the new graphene, it should be relatively simple, albeit expensive at first, to build a lightweight.
-Pete, in Tacoma WA
I agree with Pete & TogetherinParis. The styling and engineering is not the problem. The will or should I say the \"foresight\" is lacking. Even if they started with an ICE it would be a much needed innovation if some company would build an ultralight, aerodynamic 2 seat. The demand has been around for 40 years but goes unrecognized.
with 80000lb trucks on the road i don\'t think so. maybe i could send the robot out for bread and milk!!!!!!!!!
Rolf Hawkins
Why do you ALWAYS start your slideshows either at the end or in the middle??? Pretty f\'in annoying.
Nick Thompson
Whats funny is they say \"artistic\" ... Since when are the cars we drive artistic? They are utilitarian. Id drive a school bus if it got 50mpg and was safe. I dont care what my car looks like, it gets me from point A to point B. I want something thats safe for my family, and saves me money. Why do I care if my car goes 180mph when the legal limit in the US is 65, or 75 in most places? So long as I can accelerate upto highway speeds on an on ramp, im good to go. Give me a rollerskate if its gonna be safe and benefit me where it matters most, my wallet.