Alan Brandon
Interesting. Reminds me somewhat of the Hummer Hx concept from a few years ago. (Never to be built, now.)
Ptah Suide III
What the price tag..?
Bradford Graham
Good job, if they were trying to make an off road Mini. What happen to the utility of the past Defender. The Ford Bronco concept is closer to the Defender design than this fashion statement. Oh well. It\'ll look great with the right heels.
Nacho Lotitto
The roof solar panels and the dashboard tablet are awesome ideas for the production model
Here\'s the thing. The old Defender was something that could be pushed into the far corners of the Earth and survive. This new model doesn\'t strike me as something that could. I\'d rather have a refurbished Defender or a Jeep until some grueling tests can be performed.
If they actually build the sport concept that would be amazing. I really don\'t appreciate how all the manufacturers have always shown what could be built but almost always... just don\'t build it. What a waste of time and money. So just build it!
Why has utility been ignored by designers? What about function? Do we really need yet another CUV,SUV? Did all the world\'s vast lands get paved over? The defender was a truly unique vehicle, simple, rugged, capable off road. To call this Suzuki x-90 a land rover defender sickens me. Too much reliance on NURBS modeling software I think, and for what? car based platforms with no purpose.
It\'s like a Hummer with 28\" rims & 32\" OD tires. You get a vehicle that\'s not good at doing much. Who knows if or what config will be produced.
Nick Rowney
Just another piece of cut and past crap.
William H Lanteigne
Those fancy wheels and wide-profile tires will last about 1/4 mile of fire trail or logging roads. would not go 100 ft off-road. Style wins over substance, again.