That's a good supply for making plastics but it should never be used to drive our cars or warm our homes etc. Fossil fuels should be left int he ground mostly.
Agree with Vincent. I think we need to focus all our efforts on perfecting a car battery that can charge in 5 minutes. Electric cars are just too much fun to not be the future of driving.
Please leave this in the ground, and do not use it for fuel or plastics. Both are largely unnecessary and completely disastrous for the human race. There are good alternatives for both.
Captain Danger
I want cheap gas!
Yes, leave this in the ground. It's better to dig up those rare earth materials using mind boggling large pit mines. Plus the coal needed to charge our electric cars is much cleaner to burn than oil. People need to do their homework. Why do you think there is rioting in France, Belgium, Germany, etc...
Excellent. That should upset the 'Peak Oilers'!
Instead let's concentrate on renewables, may need that oil in the future for some other life saving venture.
Expanded Viewpoint
Really, Carolyn?? Please tell us what those alternatives are! I would LOVE to learn all about them sometime! Guzmanchinky, how much petroleum based fuels are going to be burned to dig up and process the elements which will be needed to build these batteries? What kind of materials are going to be needed to act as insulators for the anode and cathode and contain the electricity storing media? Where are we going to get the extra electricity that will be needed to charge up all of those batteries? The main reason for the rioting in Europe is probably because they are running out of other people's money to spend!!
Edward Vix
Merlin Guy, spot on! There's a cost to everything, including renewable energy. Like rare earth mining for batteries, often open-pit as you note, frequently in countries where civil war is fueled by the mining profits. Just because the cost isn't immediately apparent is no reason to overlook or discount it.
P-51 at all?
Roger Aikins
If you think that oil and gas will go away in your children's children's lifetime then you are dreaming.. sorry to break it to you