The early pioneer of laser technology Russell Targ (later involved in the CIA x Stanford Research Institute's 20 year study on Remote Viewing/ESP) was busting through concrete bricks with his lasers back in the 60's,
Surprised not to see any mention of his work here.
That was an amazing read about lasers! I probably know more about lasers than anyone I know after that. Well done.
I've only got one thing to say: "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." Pew! Pew! Pew! ☺
So when will I be able to get an App for my smartphone?
I wonder if they realize that making the plane reflective would thwart the laser weapon, and if the plane carried a large corner-cube on its underside, it might even take out the laser weapon itself.
Brian M
Crazy world that we have a convention that stops you blinding a person with a laser, you have to kill them or use conventional explosive or ballistic weapons to do the same job with even more collateral damage to the target person and those around.
Be great if the article covered the counter technology in combating laser based weapons - just as important.
Like the concluding piece that says ' Imagine a battlefield 25 years from now'
Not too optimistic about civilisation then! Although perhaps an optimist might respond with at least we haven't nuked ourselves out of existence by then!
Great article about lasers that I found to be very informative… Thank you!
George Saramas
If aeroplanes are made to reflect lasers, they would light up in radars easily. Lasers require that you have located the target first. With modern long range missiles stealth is no1 priority. Reflective armoring would make sense only in a frontal attack to a laser defended line where element of surprise is irrelevant.
An interesting, long and detailed article, that amazes me at the energy, ingenuity, and resources that are being directed, at systems designed to destroy, and kill. It's sad the the same effort isn't being directed at improvement of the human environment, human life, and survival. It's especially ironic, because its the taxes of the many who are living in less than optimum conditions that are paying for it.
I'm with you on this Nik. All these resources wasted on ways to kill.
On another note, it occurred to me that a fired laser weapon immediately gives its location away, so the adversary can quickly take a shot at it knowing exactly where to aim with all sorts of defensive hardware.
All this time, funding and energy spent on developing lethal weapons is nuts. The world is steadily going to hell in a hand basket.