While this looks interesting, it is nothing more than a play on the 2003 Dodge tomahawk concept....
it has four wheels, in the USA it is a CAR and will have to meet auto standards..that said, it looks like it is as ride able as the dodge tomahawk, which was not ride able because it couldn't turn...
It's too big and fat and slow and impractical to sit on. You would be much better off taking the rear electric motor from the Tesla--470 HP itself--with one fourth the weight and one tenth the size and making a terrifyingly maddening rocket with the 500 ft lbs of torque. That would blow this thing away and weigh less than half what this behemoth does.
As for any previous negative comments, or those to come... "Screw you, he's Ludovic Lazareth". And if you had any cajones, you'd build your own damn bike!
The Tomahawk is a much more artful "motorcycle" than this one. It was more refined and clean not to mention more powerful. Dodge could register it as a motorcycle because of the four wheels and didn't want to do the work to set it up as a car so they sold them as art. Bike had to be disabled. Neimun Marcus was selling them for about 550K. The user could have it (enabled) again. It had a 2 speed gearbox tied to the Viper V10 and was estimated to go over 300 MPH though nobody is insane enough to try.
Keith Reeder
"While this looks interesting, it is nothing more than a play on the 2003 Dodge tomahawk concept"

If only Loz had mentioned that. In the FIRST PARAGRAPH...
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Four wheel bank-to-turn is the outstanding feature.
The worst part about limiting the horsepower of superbikes is the loss of all the organ donors. Motorcyclists are usually the perfect donor as they are too young to have had damage from smoking or alcohol or coronary problems and with the brain damage they die quickly before there is much deterioration. Big "negative" impact when California enacted its motorcycles helmet law with the loss of young donors.
With 2 front and 2 rear tires, it's an automobile and will never pass inspection or licensing in the USA.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should, nice workmanship, but a wast on such a cumbersome pig.