"Honey, our new neighbors have just moved in next door. It looks like they've got a kind of flying motorcycle thingie that looks really neat". "You're going to have to speak louder sweetheart. Someone's making a racket outside".
This looks Wicked ! Where can i order ? ! !
One would think that numerous builders would make a "rider" vehicle similar to a large DRONE.... Electric motors, gyro's and computer controlled... all driven by a small but powerful (somewhat efficient) gas driven motor/generator combo....All for $25-30K!
This was on the Return of Jedi movie and what I remember is the speeders zooming through the forest and the soldiers flying off and slamming into trees. What they needed to do was spend 5 seconds of footage to show what happens to the broken soldiers for people to realize why this thing will never work. Or you could look at the safety tether on the guy's neck to see "oh yes, this thing is a complete joke".
Joshua Tulberg
I wonder why her helmet is so massive. Doubling as ear-plugs maybe?
@owlbeyou Ever heard a 1000 cc super bike passing by your quite neighbourhood ? And how the sound travels for miles on end as he races up to the main road taking further out. And what... there are like millions worldwide ! Suddenly the flying motorbike starts to sound all quiet when thinking about this, it will become mass produced, in time whether it's loud or not.. ;)
@Grunchy Son, it already works, it's in the air and i will bet you my life savings it can fly, and very well let me add. You want to see people flying off objects ? Look at the millions of motorbikes you see driving on highways right in front of your eyes around the world, if you think about how many have lost their lives on a motorbike and especially HOW... suddenly a flying bike makes much more sense as you do not have traffic next to you or in front of you, you move in 3 dimensional space... Anything out there is dangerous Especially Motorbikes. Flying bikes will be built there is absolutely nothing that is going to stop it from becoming mass produced in future, sooner than you think, and yes, they will Fly extremely well !
*plays Hot Wheels Battle Force Five theme song*
Note; its a woman testing it! I think its an amazing piece of engineering, certainly good enough to feature in a Bond Movie. Whether it is a practical solution, remains to be seen. I dont expect to see it in production any time soon. At half a million, its only a rich ''boys toy'' but no doubt if there's a few more made, someone will buy them. Lucky blighters!
500K for a flying motorcycle that a) has 4 wheels, so is not a motorcycle and b) can't fly. Put me down for a couple of those please.