Frank Greco
This is nuts !!! I WANT ONE...
Mr Stiffy
It looked lower in the pictures compared to the fillum.
Prefer the low slung racing side car look.
Not so keen on the upright ATV. Not really keen on the open inlet tracts either.
But - choosers can\'t be beggars.
I think there must be a typo though.
When was the last time a Ferrari 3 litre V8 put out 250 hp? Are they using 1950\'s engines?
Alexander Lowe
Why do people keep on building bloody useless, stratospherically expensive man-boy toys like this - or have I managed to answer that by myself? That thing is as impractical on-road as off, has all the disadvantages of a motorbike with none of the advantages, and none of the benefits of a car, either. Thousands of hours of effort have gone into building a piece of tat, suitable only for decorating a motorshow stand or adding to some under-taxed, petrol-head billionaire\'s car collection. And it does absolutely bugger all to advance transport technology in any way shape or form. It\'s bollocks.
Hmmm, Ducati Panigale ... 10% of the price, 25% of the weight and yet 78% of the power. Come on Monsieur Lazareth, you are going to have to try harder than that.
Marvin McConoughey
Just the ticket for hard farm use! Those eight unfiltered carburetor intake tubes will add to farm safety by sucking all the dust and dirt out of the air. The Consumer Health Protection Agency and OSHA may want to make this ATV required equipment.
Careful camera angles to hide what I suspect is a hard mounted rear drivetrain with no suspension or vertical travel. If so, it\'s lame.
Zoltan Bod
Mr Lowe,I agree with you summation of the Wazuma V-8 quad.I have been in the long and taxing process of designing and building what I call an Eco Exotic Sports Car.My philosophy is energy efficiency with performance and conservation.I have not met with the appropriate person to help fund the completion of my project.It frustrates ones intellect to see the amount of time and money put into vehicles like the Wazuma strictly as a see what I can do vehicle when we need to get serious on energy conservation and practicality.I have a challenge that I will address with my car the Zoleco once I complete the proof of concept.That is The 150mph/150mpg Challenge on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
It looks kind of cool from some angles, but when you put a person on it, the vehicle looks like a poorly-designed lawnmower.
I'll keep my Spyder, thanks.
Armand Cote
just what I need