Impressive. Nicely done Mr. Herbert!
Wesley Dart
As lovely as this looks... am I missing something? Isn't this just another version of what we would call a caravan in Australia?
Nice camper trailer.
Denis Klanac
I was once traveling on a country road behind a car towing a caravan, the area we traveled through was very windy as country roads usually are, anyway the caravan got its roof ripped clean of due to the wind. I don't think this would fair very well to cross winds as it looks like one huge sail from the side.
I have to agree with Dennis, no way is this going down a motorway, autobahn or where big trucks pass close by.Thanks to Bridget for an interesting post
Mike DuBois
I do not know nor have i talked to Mr. Herbert but the point is being MISSED.... This IS not a caravan nor a house trailer. First, the COST of making this wonderful HOME far exceeds that of a house trailer. This is a HOME and it is MOBILE, not intended to be on the road other than displacing / relocating. The product as opposed to a caravan is year round live in, connected to services. In the country, a well and septic with propane tanks is all that COULD be required to live comfortably. MORE than a caravan but MUCH less than a cottage and wonderfully laid out. This is a HOME. Congratulations Mr. Herbert and should you read this, contact me! mdubois at caledoncontrols dot com
Jay Lloyd
Interesting, but is it more practical than an Airstream? Also, where do the other 2 people sleep?
Having spent many months in a 36' RV, this seems a bit tight for 4 people to live in year round. It appears to be a neat and efficient structure. I'd hate to 'get out of the wrong side of the bed' as it's shown here.
It has a very clever layout. It would be great for a couple long term, but I'm not sure if 4 would be comfortable for more than a week or two. It's very nicely done all around.
Why not just buy a nice 5th Wheel RV. They have three times the amenities as thing, and are easier to tow and move around. That looks to me like it might tangle with a lot of wires and overpasses. Trying to reinvent the wheel.