Even though I don't like that these tools sometimes prevent me from going and getting a proper tool, I want one for the looks. It does not look comfortable to wear or to use though.
Rann Xeroxx
Wow, I really like this. Showed it to my friends and they had the same wow factor. I really like the watch band.
Bob Flint
Looks cool, but did not actually see how it opens from the wrist band to tool form. Do you have to remove one or two of the small screws?
I hope they have a quick release mechanism on the watch band version.
Comfort will depend on how "catchy" the links are, in terms of arm/wrist hair. If it doesn't catch and pull hairs, it should be perfectly comfortable, since all the sharp bits are parallel to the skin.
I really want one!
@Bob Flint, to use a tool, you take the bracelet off and fold it flat. The tool sticks out the hinged edge. No screw removal necessary. Looks cool, but I don't like jewelery, even functional jewelery. Besides, I still have a broken Letherman in my toolbox from many years ago.
Bob Ehresman
OK... another yet another Swiss Army... wait... what?
At last! The fashion accessory that says to the whole word "Im a tool!"
Wow! Can I get that tattooed on my bicep? Bet that would look good on Pamela Anderson...
Do these come sized for winter driving?
"Face palm" Yo dog! You need a screwdriver to get to the screw drivers... so we gave you extra screw drivers...
That looks really good.
For those of you looking to slam it before looking at the pictures, it has a flip open latch like most metal watch bands. No, @Bob you do not need a screw driver to open the band.
Face palm fail!
Neat, but $200 is ridiculous. A version featuring bike tools at $50 or so would be a big hit. Cyclists often don't have pockets in their outfits and may not have a spot on their bikes for a tool bag, so a multitool they can wear around a wrist could be a godsend.
Noel K Frothingham
Didn't watch the VIDEO, Bob Flint?
Remco Pullen
wow it looks awesome.. i was ready to pre order one.. And then i saw the pricetag.. 150-200 dollar for a bracelet of tools.. no way. il go for the 20-25 dollar.. but not this much. to bad :-(