Granted, granted, there may not be much cutting edge technology on display here, but it's a cynical technology enthusiast indeed that doesn't raise a wry smile when nerd-friendly worlds collide, and were worlds ever more nerd-friendly than those of Lego and Minecraft?

In the past few days the first pictures of the previously-announced Lego Minecraft set have been released, and online retailer J!NX has started taking pre-orders. The set includes four modules that can be arranged at will, and hidden resources can be stowed away in underground cavities as well as two "Micro Mob" figures: the player (aka Steve), and a creeper, as well as extra wood, dirt and stone pieces.

The suggestion is that fans will buy multiple sets to build Minecraft-like landscapes, but with a single set (at $US34.99) costing rather more than the game itself EUR19.95 ($26.43) there are obviously more cost effective ways to scratch that world-building itch, if only in the digital domain. Rather more likely is that a single set will make a fetching ornament on the mantlepieces of Lego and Minecraft fans.

The 480-piece set will start shipping at an as yet unspecified date between June and August this year.

Product page: J!NX via Edge

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