Yeah right! even if it is true video using magnets under the road surface in this specific area for example, with opposing ones on the board itself - it obviously can't withstand any weight put on it as can be seen in the last few moments of the video! fail !!
...a board like that cannot be made... : ) ...why would anybody think that it could...!
Nothing is impossible to the inquisitive mind. If UFOs are all terrestrially-based, then mass-hallucinations are possible. If not domestic, then there are hovering and propulsion fields that we have not yet discovered.
There is a technology that is being developed, not for hover-boards but for transportation. It shows potential to actually work using electrically charged reaction air mass with vectored thrust. Stay tuned.
Bob Flint
Lexus has jumped the shark..
@ GeoffG
Yeah man... Everyone wants hover-boards so bad that no one seems to have actually thought about what they are wanting.
A board that simply hovers would be a disaster to ride.
Nice try with the skate park in the background implying the hoverboard is more than just a useless museum display piece. I'm not fooled.
Mark in MI
The hoverboard is just a first step. Lexus wants to be the first to make Luke Skywalker's land speeder.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Thought it was a hoax but a bit better version of something that has been around for awhile. A long way from a skateboard!