Anadish Pal
The joke continues: The priest replied, \"But, see, good sir, we have been holding a mass since Christ was born some 2000 years ago without ever have heard of you or seen you.\" To which Higgs Boson replies, \"May be, but you need me for your gravity too which holds you down to the church floor.\" The priest was unsurprised and said, \"Oh I see, I always thought it was the graveyard by the side which was the source of all the gravity; in that case, Mr. Higgs Boson, Sir, you may belong there.\"
\"It\'s a nickname the media has latched on to ...\" As part of \"the media\", do your bit James and please stop.
Cowfy Kaufman
LHC physicists sniff Higgs boson discovery sniff you say?perhaps on the way to the cyclotron a dog dropping was inadvertaintly stepped in by the good proff.
Wayne Day
answers , answers , answers , = questions
"Combined, the two experiments have narrowed the POSSIBLE band of POSSIBLE Higgs boson masses to between 115 and 130 GeV (gigaelectron volt)." "Possible" of "possible" is narrowing? Pretty vague sounding words...
Dave Andrews
I wonder if using the new trillion-frame-per-second camera ( in conjunction with the LHC at CERN would allow verification of the HB. They say \"the Higgs boson itself may exist too fleetingly to observe directly\" but by \"fleeting\" do they mean less than one trillionth of a second? I\'m a layperson interested in science, as opposed to a physicist, so I don\'t know these things.
Charles Hoss
yeah , I\'m looking for my keys . I checked my pocket and it isn\'t there - so I narrowed down the list of places where it can be . I\'m on the edge of a breakthrough :)
Christopher Koulouris
Either way one can suppose this week's events will engender the belief in God or repudiate it, which is the great irony of science, as much as it seeks to dispel the notion of supernatural forces at work it ultimately forces one to wonder if that is ultimately what is at work, thus bringing science and the idea of God closer together as much as science may wish to dispense with it.
Alternate headline \"This just in! Elusive Higgs Boson STILL elusive! Film at 11.\"
Dawar Saify
God is Great! Media will latch onto anything, even for a fleeting second. The science should be framed as matter during high, (light speed). One day these particles will be regularly observed, then studied and categorised, then manipulated. Ultimately providing building blocks for structures (spaceships) travelling at or above light speed. This is far into the future.