Not sure why people are so gaga over small houses. I have a 600 sq ft house and it ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Stephen N Russell
Mass produce or lisc to produce, extend length some. Ideal for overnight short camping trips. Super idea. Must for rentals & sales Compare to similar on market & price Need to make more aero for Hwy speeds & allow roof Carrier pod.
Paul Anthony
Don't like the strap mounting, seems to lack any kind of reassuring security. Where are the windows? What happened to the door? Is there a refrigerator?
I think that is a really neat idea and design but I am not sure it is worth almost twenty thousand dollars.
I want more info ,wheres the floor plan,specs? mice pics tho.....need more info.....
Wouldn't it be easier to buy a used full size cargo van?
Hard to see any justification for the incredibly (and unnecessarily) complicated geodesic structure
I'll take one kit please!!! I can fly the plane I built,,and domes are fun! maybe even easy... busy hands happy me!!
I could be very wrong, but I know of no Luan that can withstand any water contact at all. Maybe some thin plywood might be better than Luan.
Man, check those bubbly, uneven seams! Does he make all of the overpriced pods like that? Where do these people get their pricing models from, Rodeo Drive? OK, sort of a cute idea, but rectangular boxes give you a helluva lot more room and storage in the same overall dimensions. P.S to glorybe2, lauan _is_ thin plywood. Think wooden door skin. I'd have glassed/gelcoated it since the extra strength would be well worth the extra 100 or so pounds.