I love the write up and the bike looks amazing. I'm disappointed to see the price.
Fantastic article. Can't wait to see the video. And for the price of the thing, ya know - it's really not that unreasonable. This is the bleeding edge right there, I'd almost go as far as to say they are making a mistake for selling it too cheaply. Never be the cheapest. Be the best!
The range is already very impressive. 150 up to 180 miles? My naked Suzuki Bandit 1250 never does more than 140 miles before the fuel light starts flashing. I am a big guy (6'3'', 270lbs) which doesn't help, but on the other hand I ride really conservatively.
I'm glad I'm too old for this. I would quite likely promptly go out and kill myself! :-) But I'm glad for bikers. Now if only the recharging business didn't depend on the existing grid then we could have even greener e-vehicles, with the understanding that no motorized vehicle will ever be completely green when taking it's manufacture into consideration.
Freyr Gunnar
> It's my personal belief, even as a card-carrying member of Petrolheads Anonymous, that in 50 years, we'll look at gasoline vehicles the same way we look at steam vehicles today
Provided Peak Oil doesn't occur before that, in which case things could be very different.
The bike looks like a blast, but to state that petrol motorbikes top out at 210 hp is wrong. Kawasaki now has a 300hp production motorcycle and 500hp is not unheard of with an aftermarket turbo.
I admire the engineering and effort that went into making this superbike. I think it will be awesome to watch it being raced. But, I consider it unfit and very unsafe to be used on public roads. Not very many people can control that amount of torque and acceleration safely. So, just as sure as that bike goes on the open market, some idiot with more money than brains will buy it and get himself killed and possibly harm others in the process.
I am all for the electric motorcycle technology. But, I think they need to be smart bikes that help riders avoid accidents in the same manner as a smart car would. Being the fastest bike doesn't make it a very practical or realistic vehicle.
Electric Motorcycle make sense to me since there is no range anxiety like you would buying a car. For me atleast, I don't see myself drive 100 mile plus to anywhere in sport bike.
Lewis M. Dickens III
Beautifully Crafted Bike Performance Article
Better than Tom McCahill and the race between the TC and a Ford down the coast. Maybe even better than Tom Cahill too.
Nicolas Zart
I was at Pikes Peak when the Lightning put over 20 seconds on the best Ducattis. To quote Richard, it was vindication. This is THE bike, bar none. You might argue the the price is steep, but this is the Ferrari of motorcycles, gasoline and electric. If I buy a Ferrari, I want it to be able to go on tracks and win. The Lightning does exactly that, plus you can still manage it on regular roads. For a hand built bike, this is affordable.