I have a dream.... to gain the knowledge and skills to pilot my own single place aircraft and go wherever I want to go with no one knowing where I am and what I'm thinking.
Lilium should consider hydrogen and fuel cell instead of batteries. It has a superior gravimetric energy density.
Waow... But how do they manage batteries plus 5 seater plus 300km/h plus 300 km range ? Should have I missed something in batteries technology ?
now you just have to lose the wings then you have something :)
5 seater with huge batteries? How does the power to weight ratio on this stack up?
@JonasBlomberg the energy density might be better but not the power density. And remember fuel cell vehicles are battery electric with a fuel cell stack range extender basically. There are also problems with atmospheric pressure and temperatures with fuel cell stacks in aircraft.
Absolutely amazing! Was the machine loaded with passenger weight in the video? It is hard to believe that electric fans can be so powerful. Would it save weight if some of the fans were shaft driven, rather than each having a motor?
Julian suggested ditching the wings, but these are essential for forward flight, and also hold the lift fans.
Is it just me, or did that video contain mostly CG visualizations of the craft in action? Floating serenely over a beautiful landscape, but without a single soul around. Suspect. (Also, no direct indication of the scale of the model they flew while they were out testing it - still photo only...) Fake? My other question: can this craft glide when power is lost with all those engines along the lift surfaces, and no vertical stabilizers?
As I have said again and again repeatedly--the age of the Jetsons is almost here. A new epoch--the 'Electrocopene' has begun.
I doubt this uses batteries, probably uses a JP8 running generator to create the electricity for the electric fans.