The age of the Jetsons is upon us.
Good luck.
"The creators claim that this personal e-jet could be made available to the public as early as 2018." But it won't.
Somebody's gonna get rich off this. Then run off to Rio with the loot.
Looks amazing and I would love to have one - but for the 'masses'? I think not. Just imagine the chaos if everyone had one...
Sheikh A'Leg
Brilliant. I've been banging on for years that the air is the future of personal transport and not land-locked vehicles. One day we'll all be driving in the 5th Element.....
The concept seem to want to achieve several contradictory goals. It wants to achieve high speed, vertical take-off and landing and reasonable range, requirements that are at war with each other, and this while using a large number of small battery powered ducted fans. In general, more, smaller power plants are less efficient than fewer, larger ones, and an electric motor turning a conventional propellor is more efficient than a ducted fan. Man carrying battery powered aircraft exist, but all of them abandon at least one of this project's goals to get off the ground at all. There are conventional motor-gliders with limited speed and endurance that must operate from conventional runways using a single electric motor and a propellor. Quad-copter style man carrying aircraft have achieved vertical take-off and landing, but with extremely limited speed and endurance. There is a solar and battery powered aircraft gradually making it's way around the world, which has good range, but extremely low speed, and that needs to operate from jumbo jet runways in perfect conditions due to it's extreme frailty. Given how difficult achieving all three stated goals in a single aircraft simply by arranging existing technology in a slightly different way would be, I remain skeptical.
Sounds great for rural areas but with so many people in the cities with irresponsible, preoccupied texting, drunk, stoned, unlawful, ignorant people there would be collisions causing problems on the ground. Nice concept though.
Loads of ducted fans, modular batteries, distributed control systems - looks impressively safe to me. Even with the Tesla Gigafactory the batteries for 300mi range is going to cost a fortune.
As long as the masses have to spend 100's of thousands for it, congestion and air collisions should be minimal. I am also trying to imagine how poorly trained pilots will land it when the batteries run out while airborne.