Where does the rest of the batteries go? Every picture/videos I\'ve seen there is BARELY enough space for the gyroscope/flywheel. It doesn\'t seem like they\'re in-wheel motors, so where does that go and the rest of the elctronics?
Unless they have a range of less than 50 miles I doubt you can fit them all together using current technology. Batteries need a quantum leap in technology and from what have been shown, there is none, other than findings of what it MAY promise, Like Michio Kaku says, batteries are inefficient unless there\'s a quantum leap in physics.
Also the ability to lean in motorcycles is also important in what makes them manuevarable, hence for a 2 wheel vehicle being \'unleanable\' and too stable would not be too great of an idea in most circumctances. It may have computer controlled systems which is why I doubt they will able to fit all of them, computers,elctronics, motor, gyroscope/flywhel with a steel unibody while keeping the weight down to attain a range of over 100 miles in a single charge.
From what I\'ve seen there is not a single actual real video of the thing MOVING and navigating bends, only CG which is why I have my doubts.
Why can\'t Yamaha or Honda or Harley Davidson come up with something like this? After all, even Mazda figured out that some people want a hard top for the Miata. If Honda made a version with a 600cc motor then I\'d be all over it!
Why so much CG? Why no actual footage of it moving? Why no stability test with a full vehicle with someone in it? The test without anyone seems wobbly at best.
more vapourware
I would have thought any biker would be able to point out the obvious pitfalls of strapping a large gyroscope to a bike. You need to lean it over to turn properly.
I guess that's why this is still just vapourware.
Far too much trouble for two wheels. Just make it a three wheeler with two wheels up front like the cam am spyder.
Someone has an idea that if brought to fruition would be the answer to a lot of wage earner, long commute, gas not going below $3.00 a gallon ever again poor people, and you complain!
^^^^^^ 3 wheels? You\'re kidding! 3 wheels need too much common sense! They need a marketing spiel to make it attractive to unwitting investors like a motorcycle that wouldn\'t tip over if kicked at the side so it can navigate bends at 5 mph with the much required gyroscope/flywheel.
From the pictures there doesn\'t seem to be any kind of legs or stand so the vehicle can be parked so I assume it has to run that flywheel and gyroscope FOREVER like some kind of a perpetual motion machine to stay upright.
And where\'s the spare tyre WHEN I get a flat? *Ba dum tsssss*
It\'s certainly NOT vapourware. Gyroscopes are capable of much more than people realize. I can personally testify that they are fully capable of allowing controlled lean.
This vehicle may not make it to market but gyroscopes are extremely under-utilized and misunderstood, even now- as several of these comments demonstrate.
I know slime can be used instead of spare tires, but still...
There is no reason to think a gyro-stabilized two wheel car won\'t work. There are plenty of mechanically successful predecessors but I want gas or diesel power.