I'd hate to get my pant leg caught in that chain.
I'd like to buy it "stripped". i.e. w/o the motor & battery. I'd put in my own 49cc (or bigger) gasser.
Except little motorized bikes of yesteyears we slight more affordable versus entry level 250 cc crutch rockets. Gosh, I can get Ninja 250 brand new for $3K. I understand the whole argument on not having to get licensed and being able to ride pedestrian path. But still doubt many kids today can easily shell out $3K for this "dream machine".
Save yourself $1,800 and just buy a 2 stroke 80cc conversion kit for $150 for a used beach cruiser bicycle you can find online for $50. And just charge for phone before you go anywhere.
They really need to review Federal ebike laws, and in California the laws recently changed and this bike doesn't meet specification under the new regulations. If they plan on trying to sell this in an EU country, good luck, the motor won't pass customs, they have a 250w limit. Technically in that configuration, it is considered a moped.
@SteveMcVanderslootski, not to mention going through any kind of puddle will ruin your hipster skinny jeans and faux leather tassler in a jiffy.
With all that empty space in the middle, perhaps add some more battery, or storage, or I dunno, anything of a practical nature... or would that not be PC?
Paul Anthony
I'm sold on the Nostalgia but not on the price on my gosh that is ridiculous
Looks really uncomfortable actually. Pedaling on that bike is surely bad for your knees.
Nice except the price is 3x what it should be. I built my first ev minibike in 75 using a Ford starter motor, a battery and a selenoid which had one speed, faster than hell. One had to lean way forward and push off before hitting oh crap button of it would run out from under you. if you held on you'd end up on your back with it on top of you upside down. It was a blast and has no problems commuting to work with it until the cops got upset as not tagged. So you can buy these bike framr, parts cheap online and get a dead end scooter for the motor, controller, charger and buy new bigger u size batteries and put it all together for under $500.
Wonderful bike. Completely ridiculous price.