Excellent...just makes sure it does'nt smell like somebody gassed in your car after lunch.
I wonder if the same ultrasonic frequencies used in creating the cathodes and/or anodes can be applied during charge/discharge cycles to maintain cell quality.
every year something doubles li-ion capacity, still using li-ion batteries created in 1998 :=\
Paul Robertson
Please keep us updated about movement to market on these batteries. Knowing that they have failed is as important as if they are a success.
I'm with IPEROV every year there's countless headlines about improvements in battery tech, but the con's out weight the pros so here we are still using regular lithium-ion.
I would like to point out that lithium-ion has been in development since the 1970s and the first commercial battery was sold in 1991 by Sony. So if you read that a University is working on a new battery, don't expect it on the store shelves 6 months later, more like 5-10yrs later.
Antony Innit
It doesnt work at 1C... keeping in mind that vehicles work at between 2C and 10C discharge rates... this is good for standby, although if they get to 2C, it will make motorbikes all run on LiS
At present we use LiFeO4 cells for our Hydro XE airplane. I would love to change over to Li/S cells.
donwine, why don't you use standard lithium ion batteries they have higher energy density?
katgod For the same reason they don't use them in electric cars.