Hmm so you need to be at a 45 degree angle to the target to replicate this in the testing by the look of things - or have I miss understood the orientation - so this would be an air vehicle mounted weapon or at least a high one - perhaps an A10 warthog with a laser replacing the gattling gun - hmm but does it only disable the vehicle rather than blowing it to smithereens, guess if it can cut through the engine block it could cut through people nicely
What's the estimate of time before such weapons are flying over the US?
Kelly Iriye
Futuristic Tech is not so far away!
Marco McClean
Or you could use a thousandth of the power and just blind the driver and occupants, since that's happening anyway, and not waste a useful truck.
Daniel Watkins
Is there a video of the truck being disabled? I'd like to hear what it sounded like as the engine screeched to a halt.
Gary Goodman
Must. Have. One.
Justus Jessen
when do we get the handheld consumer version?
Is this more close to a super powered magnifying glass that focus all the energy at one point? Since it is a laser, they have to have a constant point on one position on the target to damage it right? If the target keeps moving from side to side or keep shifting its position, then the laser weapon will not be that effective....
"the laser beam disabled the running engine and drivetrain within seconds." So the prospective targets like trucks and cruise missiles are going to stop in their tracks for those seconds and oblige !
This is a joke(but its doable) I imagine all it did was burn through a little insulation on some electronic componet,with a stationary target(probaly on the verge of stalling anyway) I bet the underhood insulation quilt was even removed,wouldnt be very hard to defeat this system as tested,this is a far cry from the Star Wars,Star Trek death rays,people expect-But they will get better and better(reminds me of the system were you had to stop and raise the hood and wait for many seconds while the electronic gizmo finally scrambled the onboard electronics) we are not there yet butits coming.