Carlos Grados
What a cool way to make a videocamera hover!
Michael Mantion
Denis Klanac
so whats forward and whats backward in relation to the person controlling it, how does this system work?
Steven Chang
this is really intresting. they useing the fin/wing not only lift but also as the control mechnisim to move it left and right it seems
Love the way it captures video - one frame per revolution...
Similar concept presented back in 2006:
Danie Clawson
So, it sounds like its taking pictures at a high frame rate as it rotates? Because he says you can see in 360 degrees... Really interesting. I think that\'d be great for surveillance. I would think the military would be very interested in this, especially since its so light and portable, and also easy to launch.
How would this system operate with 2 single rotor contra rotating blades? Could a gondola be hung on the bottom to carry a person with-out it spining around?
Jerry Simpson
Reminds me of a miniature UFO.
@es - Yeah, I don\'t get the big deal. The company behind the one you cited has everything this one has, including the 360 high-speed video, plus it has pattents! I don\'t see that the tech discussed in this article is in anyway innovative. More so, just re-application or reverse-engineered with slight reduction of scalable size from 2 ft to 1.5 ft. This article video and another video where the builder is interviewed present this as new technology. From what I have just learned, it isn\'t.