I would soooooo love to buy this if I had the money! I'll bet it costs a packet to run though - it'd really chew through the fuel.
Vince Pack
Wow - if I only had the money I'd love to turn that into my world traveling vacation home! So much potential there...
Tom Lee Mullins
If I had the money, I would not hesitate to get it. It looks really cool. I think it would be a great place to have parties and events.
Racqia Dvorak
$180,000 for something like that seems too good to be true. I bet some serious repairs would be necessary.
David Elderkin
oh wow, i wonder if the wife will let me sell the house and buy this to travel around the world. Stack up a 10kw solar array on top and it would power its self
$180,000 may sound cheap but how much does it cost to fuel up two 3,480 hp diesel engines? How many feet deep must the marina be to even bring this thing in to dock? How many feet to the gallon does it get when cruising? 35 mph seems a little slow for a boat with this much horsepower. $180,000 sounds like the scrap metal price because it is so impractical.
Kevin Ritchey
Someone PLEASE buy this with me. We could time-share it out and live anyplace we pleased. Making money from it would not be an issue and I'm about to lose my home from only living on Social Security disability payments of $970/month from past spinal cancer. Sucks to be me. This would keep me from becoming Soylent Green. The novelty factor would bring in the necessary cash to maintain it alone. What a life-changing experience this could be.
Dawar Saify
How about buy it, repair and renovate and keep at Port most of the time, then can save on fuel costs.
John Banister
I think any non-military customer who buys this will have to add in the cost of repowering it. This looks to have too high a rate of fuel consumption for any non-military use. It's too bad they didn't build it with diesel electric propulsion and the option to run less diesel when economy outweighs speed.
It's 1 million dollars, not 180k...