Amanda Matthews
Awesome! I love the fact that more and more, we are letting go of the idea that you must give up what you enjoy when you become a parent.
My son's gonna love me taking him along when I compete at the next longboard downhill race!
First major wipeout at 'high' speed... this product will be SO banned. I know that it LOOKS cool, and I'm sure it's fun, for child and rider, but safety is a huge issue here ... yah yah, I SEE the helmets , but a falling rider is still a child killing hazard.
Michael Crumpton
Needs to have an automatic brake that engages when the adult is not on the board, and it needs some sort of protection for the kid against frontal impacts. If they made it so a shopping basket could be attached it would give it an additional market. Also it would be nice if the board could be detached.
Denis Klanac
Pipedog42, I agree, landing at speed on top of a child would end up very messy. not everybody has super quick reaction time to miss that big rut or pot hole.
Ian Madden
i ride and that's the stupidest thing i have ever seen.
Definitely need a auto brake but anybody that will do child endangering speed with a child on board shouldn't be a parent.
I see the appeal, but I also see dead kids. I see no way to make this safe enough to allow children to be placed in harm's way. Imagine the guilt from smashing your own child. This is not a good idea.
It isn't just that the kid is on the board. It is possible for parents to just travel slow but skateboard wheels themselves are too small in diameter and can sometimes stop abruptly hitting even small cracks or stones.
In the same way roller blades tend to be a lot more forgiving of these imperfect surfaces than roller skates this could be made safer with slightly larger diameter wheels. Being a longboard helps but the wheels are inherently unsafe for this application.
The Skud
I love the disclaimer "leaving aside the myriad moral and safety issues" - What happens the first time a 'boarder falls and the 'board runs free? RUNAWAY KID! I agree that it would definitely need bigger wheels, maybe pneumatic, to have any chance.