orbit some mirrors around the moon as well? but heavens! a terrorist could fry the earth!
Matthew Bailey
I love 30 year projects... we can't sustain anything that transcends one administration. Perhaps Japan is better at this, but imagine going to the bank and asking for a 100 year loan for a trillion dollars.
in 2 weeks china will land a rover on the moon and begin transmitting images. maybe video. china wins. japan loses.
Joris van den Heuvel
Here's an idea: why not put solar panels on the face of the earth? Let the sun do the beaming (remember sunlight is wireless), plus it saves us the trouble of transporting millions of tons of manufacturing equipment to the moon, and the billions of tons of fuel to get it there!
David Evans
"the side of the Moon that's always facing the Sun," There is no such place. A solar cell on the Moon's equator will be in shadow half the time. There are plenty of good locations for solar power here on Earth.
Of course it's not hyperbole to say the costs will be astronomical. Investors must be really sure nobody will make a fusion generator or other big breakthrough on earth for at least 50 years. Legal questions: (1) why is that huge area of Luna your property? (2) Congratulations: you have just built a 13 petabyte weapon. Did you really think Russia, China, the U.S., and others would just still still for that?
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
Imagine losing control over one of these beams of death. Very ambitious plan to say the least.
So this is the answer to the question "How do I power my giant Gundam when I shut down all of my nuclear reactors?" The Japanese are so cool!!!
This is a highly economical solution if they made a Hollywood movie out of it that grosses $10T. What's wrong with a terrestrial energy mix and better insulation?
The luna ring gets a big LUNA TICK from me!