We are all familiar with the silvery lunar face that lights up the sky at night. But how much do you actually know about Earth's satellite? With the LUNAR AR Moon Models, you can explore a palm-sized replica of that big ol' ball and learn more through augmented reality. The regular-sized version is now 12% off at New Atlas Deals.

The Moon is thought to have been formed around 4.51 billion years ago. As you might expect, it has many stories to tell. The LUNAR kits help you explore every extinct volcano and impact crater on the surface of our nearest neighbor. The models are created using the latest 3D printing technology and then finished by hand. The finished product is an accurate 1:43,453,500 scale model.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Once you download the companion app, you can get extra info through augmented reality. As you rotate the model Moon in your hand, the app highlights points of interest and delivers amazing facts.

You can grab this awesome model now for $89. Check out the deal page for more savings on the LUNAR range.