wow! Lyonheart have achieved the impossible! A recreation of a British icon, the E Type.The price is in the Euro Millionaire class but if I was loaded then this new car would be in my garage
Jonathan Hockaday
I love it, a few minor tweaks to the front maw, keep the head lights, minor tweaks to the tails and we\'re set. Oh, and give it to someone besides jaguar to ya\'s actually fast.
Kim Scholer
But why didn\'t the people at Jaguar think of building this car themselves?
Sweet but I prefer the D-type.
Nantha Nithiahnanthan
Let's hope it is more reliable. Wow what a great body and the wire wheels do it.
Facebook User
That makes two making cars that Jag be should be building. Can't recall the other but they are doing e type converts. Closer to the original than this one but still updated. Of course if Jag had ever built the xk-180 they couldn't keep up with the demand.
Frankly, this design looks better than the E type. It is rather similar to the famous 240Z Datsun from the 1970's.
I never cared for the E Type Jag. I always thought it was overdone and rather bulbous and inflated looking. All the blather about everybody else giving up because the E Type was so incredibly beautiful is just nonsense. There have been many beautiful cars, and there is always room for another mobile sculpture.
The Jag XK 140 was more in the tradition of Jag design I like, and I thought it was absolutely lovely. I also drove one on a long road trip, and it was sheer pleasure to drive. I was introduced to constant speeds over 120 mph by that car, and it handled very well at speed.
With all the 'retro' updates, . . . the Growler is a win !!!
However with a price of EUR495,000 ($654,785 / GBP418,100) I think I may be happy looking for an E-Type Jaguar.
Where's the convertible?!
Warren Gang
I think the original looks MUCH cooler and classic! I'm a purist. What can I say?