maybe electric generators driven by this motor will be feasible -- i'm thinking train/ship engines.
Cooler motors every week, it seems!
I'll bet that Zero is chomping at the bit to get these to put in their motorcycles. I hope it works out that these truly do work and go into production soon. It would make replacing the gas engine in my Toyota Tundra a viable possibility and make electric motorcycles even lighter, which is always a Good Thing(tm). Go, Magnax!
Darus Zehrbach
The second issue besides cooling with this design type is that since the force of the magnets is translated into torque in lb ft on Nm by the distance from the shaft center, with the magnets in the axial system, it is the average distance of all of the magnets acting that creates the torque. So on a motor of a given diameter, all else being equal, the torque is 1/2 that of a radial motor. So then you need to run higher amps, or do something else that is less efficient or more bulky. But there is a lot of software around to help you design an axial motor, but nothing for radial. So its not so much that axial is better, its just better for start up companies to get something working.
Paul Anthony
I would like to see an American company make a hub motor for bicycles using this technology.
YASA e-motors also has more than 10 kW/kg
avidtp also claims >10
and here Bosh demonstrate its Induction motor which doesn't require gear box, extra cables...
This just interesting Electric-Hydraulic Engine
If this article (and video) are to be believed, we will hear a great deal about this in the near future.
The best permanent magnet motor I'd seen was the DRS PA44, producing 336 kW with a weight of 195 kg (1.7 kW/kg). This is approaching or even exceeding the power density of hydraulics. I heard this was technology demilitarized in the 90s, originally designed for American tanks. (I would imagine the DRS motors might be a bit more rugged than the newer Magnaz motors).
"rapid, spectacular unscheduled disassembly" Best line ever.
Fast Eddie
This is very compelling. Whether the Magnex design makes it or not, it certainly shows that the Innovation Light is fully illuminated for electric transport!