Anders Nissen
Isn\'t that quite similar to the Reelights which we\'ve had for years?
The problem this unit shares with older dynamo designs is that when the bike slows down and or stops the light output is weak to negligible. Many if not most accidents occur at intersections where the bike is just picking up speed from a dead stop while an errant motorist may try unsuccessfuly to beat a stale traffic light and not see the dim dynamo output leaving the cyclist vulnerable at a most critical time. Needs capacitor!
re; Anders
No it not. The Reelight requires you to mount the magnets onto the spokes, this creates a weak magnetic field in your rim. I think I prefer the Reelight.
Charles Gage
It would seem to me they could wire in a capacitor to even-out that flickering and also provide enough capacity to maintain the light for a short period of time after stopping.
Bruce H. Anderson
If this conversation were regarding lights for an automobile that were illuminated only when the car was moving, it would be absolutely laughable. Get a grip! Or at least a capacitor.
Stewart Mitchell
I\'ll believe it when I see it in the stores. It looks like a fake system using batteries
Stewart Mitchell
Is there magnets inside the tire?
I really took offense at the tone the author took at the end that this might not be a really possible. Anyone who knows anything about magnets and motors knows that this is not only possible, but is the principle on which many AC motors operate. However, I completely agree with the comments that it needs a capacitor to keep the light burning for a few minutes (at a lower brightness), after the bike comes to a stop. Watching the video should help answer questions about how well it works. If I rode a bike, I might consider this.
Steve Rock
I don\'t get it either, the created opposing eddy current would be static relative to the magnet creating it. Wouldn\'t it ? Otherwise, why not make your own generator for your own lights ? I cant find anything on the net to support this principal yet, please somebody prove me wrong !!
WHY do those who comment not read the full text of the article?
Posts repeatedly comment on the Items failure to remain lit with a stationary bicycle. Plainly shown in the article is the following text: \"In its present prototype state, the Magnic Light simply turns off when the wheel stops turning. If there\'s sufficient consumer interest, however, a future version might include a capacitor to keep the bulbs burning while the bicycle is stopped.\"
Another case of \'Foot-in-mouth\' for Posters?