Germano Pecoraro Designer
Main Drain adds a urinal to any toilet
I observe several problems: 1 - this accessory can be uncomfortable for those who are sitting on the toilet; 2 - is washable-hygienic? 3 - do not understand how the discharge tube into the cup; 4 - the funnel is small, or otherwise gives the impression that it can pour on the floor
In general it is a good attempt to modernize the toilet.
Ramon Verhoeven
Just sit down, thats for free. plus scientificly proven better for your body. But seeing the court case inGermany about the right for man to pee standing , some men have a "manhood" problem with that.
Readout Noise
"Perhaps you're one of those guys who dreams of having a "man cave" with its own private urinal. "
...ehhhh...what? No. God, no.
I dream of many things. Call me weird, but a private urinal has never featured in my dreams.
The only problem with this thing is that it doesn't save water cause you still have to flush. Too bad
First, shouldn't it be called a Mandrain?
Second, it's not quite big enough to prevent overspray, etc.
Third, it doesn't really make the task of peeing any easier.
Fourth, cleaning the toilet and this gadget is more of a pain, and...
Fifth, a dedicated urinal for your "man cave" is much more convenient!
Richard Guy
Would be more worthwhile to invest in a simple retrofit system to separate liquid waste from solid. Enabling the processing of the two separately makes eco-friendly waste management systems much easier to construct and manage.
So a long tube that has been urinated in, sitting at eye level when seated - worse yet... NOSE level... is hygenic?
Or is the user supposed to put a cleaning solution down the tube every time they use it so there is no remnant smell?
The PA turnpike has adopted no-flush urinals in its restrooms. The smell is awful when you walk in the restroom despite the clean surroundings of everything else in the room. I don;t see a need for this smell to pervade my bathroom. Make a flushable type like this then it would be a good idea (also not much beyond the realm of engineering).
Uhhhh.... who gets to clean this handy dandy item? Some, ahem, gentlemen have trouble hitting the big toilet bowl so I can just see the mess made with the Man Drain.
Let's just keep this to ourselves and not tell my husband.
as the primary toilet scrubber my wife became very excited when she saw this product. she said 'wonderfull product can we buy it today? it would be the end of cleaning sticky smelly toilets. i would have no problem moving it out of the way when i need to use the bathroom.' seems they need to market it to bathroom cleaning women more than men.
Horrible concept and execution! You still use the same amount of water for flushing, The urinal is small and at head level for those sitting, The urinal is not flushed until you clean it - stinky! This type of tube is likely to be unstable,
Also - as mentioned above - sitting is much better position for urinating for men as well.