The cab looks like a rehash of Luigi Colani\'s truck design.
this is so awesome! :D
Bill Bennett
question, about photo #13 how do those flaps intended as arm rails stow into the body?
What l!!!..this is a cheap rip-off of Luigi Colani \'s truck design....thats so sad!!!...i think gizmag should verify the credibility of the content that they are porting on the website!!!!
Marchi Molbile acknowledges that the eleMMEnt is \"partially based on the Colani design\". The text of this article has been amended to reflect this.
MY GOD that thing is FUGLEY on the outside and gaudily pimped out on the inside - in other words it's a rapper's dream ride.
Mark in SB
Wow, I must agree, it is way but ugly and an ecological disaster - regardless of the \"20% fuel savings.\"
Gregg Eshelman
Looks like a couple of those trucks have had the round part of the window broken and replaced with flat glass. One is the one with the UNIQA logo, the other is the white one in the background, behind the railing and the silver tanker.
This RV rendering looks closest to the UNIQA one, which is only shown in that one image on the link above. Unless that truck is actually the other one very similar to it, with changes made to the lights and some other stuff. Perhaps it was wrecked and that\'s how it was rebuilt?
How many of those Colani trucks were built? Are any two identical or are the \'different\' ones of the same design just different paint jobs on the same truck?
The inside is nice and luxurious but the outside is - IMO - ugly. It might be aerodynamic but not very attractive. :)
Mark A
Well it looks like someone has some extra cash to spend.