Almost looks like a stainless steel Tesla Cyber boat !!
I wouldn't go out in the water without covering the entire top surface with solar panels. Then I would feel better about going out a ways.
Coffee station and toilet room???
Derek Howe
Nice boat.
Cool boat, but from where I live it's about 100 miles to Key West by boat, so you couldn't even get there as there are no charging stations in the ten thousand islands. It will be great when battery technology can offer better range.
@ VincentWolf - I'd much prefer Tesla produced one of these (but with a hydroplane which would use 1/4 the power at speed - eg Sweden's 'Candela' - and a more realistic battery - 100kWh would be fine - rather than that hideous-looking 'truck'. Heck, I'd even buy one!
Ohm Boy
I've spent 2 years working on an electric boat project. The problem is it takes 15 times as much energy to move a boat through the water as it does to move a car on the ground. If you are going fast and your prop isn't spinning you stop pretty fast. Going fast is the problem. To jump from 15 MPH to 30 MPH the power needs grow exponentially. going 2-4 mph take s almost no power. My project boat can go 40 minutes at 15 mph but 60-70 hours art 2mph. A hydrofoil makes sense to efficiency but if you hit a log or other debris at speed and fall off plan you may have a new hobby especially when you are thinking on water with a 350 volt battery pack. This boat looks awesome and I'm glad someone is finally making something cool and fast. Once the battery tech catches up everything will make sense. A 350KW lithium pack will easily weight 4000 lbs. If that weight can be reduced or the capacity substantially increased or hopefully both then the revolution happening in cars will happen in boats.
Put a camper on the back of one of these and tow your boat to the lake!
Josh C
Something like a Capstone turbine for backup emergency power in a concept like this would be clever. 200kwh would give you plenty of power to get home with just a few gallons of fuel.
A several million dollar Tesla wannabe, eh? Pass.
Coffee stations and toilet rooms come together as an inseparable pair.