J Michael Pinc
Wasn't this how H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds" started?
Hayden Smith
Maybe it got hit by an asteroid and sent dust way up into the atmosphere
(Sarcasm Alert) It's the Man made Global Warming/Global Climate Change.
Edgar Castelo
Bush did it! LOL
It's just arnold's head exploding.
There's a metric shite ton we don't know about the conditions subsurface - could the plumes be the result of 'cold volcanoes' in the form of outgassing from the interior of (on a limb here) methane or the like? The strange features of the skylight holes made me think about the opposite of sinkholes but rather blowholes releasing ancient gases bult up underground, releasing as the planet settles.
Of course, having seismic sensors on the ground would help with determining that. Or (wait for it) colonists...
Yeah I have my cellphone but I still want my jetpack. ;-)
"a phenomenon similar to Earth's northern lights" - yes - that is what that probably is, that is PLASMA PLUMES - which are connected to the big picture by Electricity - which Astronomers refuse to consider but is the only way to answer all the questions that have been raised from recent discoveries - try checking out PlasmaUniverse.com; ElectricUniverse.com for a totally different approach to Astronomy and physical bodies in the heavens, including the sun. It is all so understandable and no math required ! Scientists these days are so far 'up a gum tree' in each speciality that they have forgotten how to start with the basics, Magnetism has been spouting up as the newest 'discovery' but if you checked out physics basics, you would know there is NO magnetism without Electrical connections, it is seen everywhere you look in the heavens !!!! I must say i enjoy this argument immensely, but it is such a shame that 'experts' are so conceited !
It's simply the exhaust plumes from nuclear reactors. Can you say, Terraforming
"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one"
Were the plumes followed by a kind of green mist?
Anyway, I agree with PG above, "The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one" he said. Still - they come.
I watched watching the TV news last night, they were talking about a one way mission to Mars. I'd like to volunteer my wife's mother for the first mission :-)