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Though this is the Martin Jetpack, the Jetpack not a jetpack - it is a ducted fan vehicle.
Fairly Reasoner
Photo 2 of 4 is a hoot. The guy in the rig looks like he's listening to the judge's verdict ... and it's not good.
Good luck with this. Just what a fire needs, a 200 hp ducted fan to spread the flames.
I can hardly wait to see YouTube videos of those idiots blasting right through the glass towers.
Safer to use an unmanned drone.
I can't wait until they get a-hold of these. Remember, this is a culture still effectively in the stone-age, but with a metric butt-load of money. This city was at least 90% designed and built by foreigners. There's no telling what they'll get up to with these thigns... personally, I'm hoping they'll try to attach a long fire hose to it for aerial firefighting operations. That should prove amusing.
Stephen N Russell
Could have used in 1974 disaster epic The Towering Inferno from Irwin Allen But ideal for all cities but Dubai has some super high skyscrapers alone to service, need more jetpacks & hoverplanes alone. IE Avatar mode.
This is so hilariously Dubai I feel like The Onion published it. In my head I can just picture a fire and having all the firemen drive up in Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and like Pagani Zondas and flying around in jetpacks up put out fires. The expression "more money than they know what to do with" doesn't even do it justice. They build a city of skyscrapers without a sewer system so they have lines miles long of sewage trucks. Maybe instead of fire trucks they could just build a system that pressurizes the water from an available sewage truck so that it can be used by someone on a jetpack. Dubai needs a reality TV show.
Keith Reeder
"I can hardly wait to see YouTube videos of those idiots blasting right through the glass towers" Just because you wouldn't be able to manage, it doesn't mean that these guys won't...