John Friedson
Great news, but permit me to add to it that Germany has apparently discovered large lithium reserves:
This is particularly sweet because it appears to solve several problems at once. You can think of it as getting lithium almost for free by selling the hydrogen and chlorine, or getting fresh water for free by selling the hydrogen, chlorine, lithium and other salts.
Seems to me that the real benefit is clean drinkable water; the rest is bonus. Water is necessary for LIFE; none of the others are.
This seems like a simple enough home chemistry experiment - definitely a Jr. High or High School level at most. It would be neat to get a parts list for a DIY setup to do this at home. (Though the pumped CO2 source at home might be tricky, the other components don't seem to be.)
harry van trotsenburg
Will three be an influence on the acidity of the sea?
Really?! And where else in the world can you get electricity at barely US$0.06/kWh? Fine in Saudi where they can generate it until the cows come home for free by just using the natural gas that would otherwise be 'flared' off - ie wasted. But no doubt this 'amazingly eco idea' will be powered by electricity made from burning a more readily available form of fossil fuel - given that the whole stinking economy of the Middle East is based on oil.
Where to find cheap electricity? try Norway. According to my power provider I'm paying US$0.025/kWh right now, and the average price for the last 7 days is US$0.029/kWh
Such a win/win/win tech, jeeze! Now watch someone like Gerog Soreos buy it and kill it.
Christian Lassen
What's happening to the sodium in the sea water with all the chlorine it'll produce?
Powerful corporations and wealthy people like George Soros (correcting ljacques here) will certainly want to put their dirty hands on this promising development, not to promote it but rather to shelf it forever, as they always do. They ferociously guard their investments in petroleum products.