Spud Murphy
Bolt cutters?
Kevon Lindenberg
I'm sure this isn't meant for bolt cutters. It sure ate that grinder disc though.
If it's alumimum, can you just bend it or go through with a cold chisel? It sounds as if the speed of the attempted cutting is a crucial ingredient in the resistance.
So many possibilities to be tested: Laser? Acid? Cryosoak and shatter? Plasma cutter? Plain ole' oy-acetylene torch? Hydraulic bend-n-break? Thermite reaction? It absolutely must be deformable/shapeable unless it grew into the form shown all on its own.
A 7 cm thick bar like that outta discourage anyone from trying to cut, saw, water cut, laser, break them away..... make one the usual thickness 1/4 inch... heck, make it 1/2 inch and try again...
Court-ordered ankle bracelets
Vince Negro
Like change the disk,,,
Lee Bell
I'm sorry but that was a very unconvincing demo shown. Using a plate with a steel cover was a bit lame to begin with. Show what it does on a round piece of stock the average size of a bike lock or chain. It went at least 1/2" into the plate and very few bike locks are going to be any thicker than that. A thief isn't going to just hold the grinder in one spot either. they would work around the outside circumference to cut it. It did slow the grinder down a bit though so It does have some possibilities. It would slow down amateur thieves but a profession would still steal the bike. It would just take a minute or so longer.
Hard materials for locks have already been beaten!
Just use liquid nitrogen spray, and then wack it with a hammer. Any hard material just shatters.
I think its most important use is going to be developing armor against micrometeorites and other small objects in space.. The original description in 1947 by Jesse Marcel was a "flexible, light and shiny material that couldn't be cut" even by the strongest metal shears he had available.
Certainly, space debris and micro meteorites Are one of the biggest hazards that will be encountered in space flight and in orbital platforms, and keeping our satellites safe is also an issue. This material is a great step in that area...