John Hogan
The MX5 is so good that it is even fun with crap tyres. It is so adjustable and well balanced that you can go around corners playing tunes with the screeching of the tyres.
If they are so keen on weight reduction, SKYACTIV etc, they can start by bringing the next model back down to the 1000kg of the original! Seriously - they\'ve bloated out a bit since mk1.
I drove an earlier Miata for a day in 2002 and it reminded me of my old MGTD and MGA in its nimbleness. Recently I bought a MX-5 with the man/auto transmission and folding hardtop. Not as nimble, but I\'m afraid much of the weight gain is from government imposed safety features such as dash and door mounted airbags, etc. Sure, the folding top adds too. But I would imagine some tweaking of the suspension and added power will restore the fun quotient of the earlier models.

That said, I\'m sure its still the most fun on four wheels. I\'ve driven a 911 and found it to feel heavy at hand (Teutonic?). As for the Jags, they went away from the sporty feel years ago. I understand the Indians at Tata plan on converting their big XF sedan into a coupe, but that will be no sports car for certain.

Right on, Mazda ! (PS: My daughter drives a 6)
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Uh, I thought that the Corvette had more than 1.4 Million units sold as of 2005...
Looks like someone over looked the Corvette! 1,000,000 sold by 2004 and still counting!
Oops, guess the millionth Corvette was actually July 2, 1992... \"a white LT1 roadster with a red interior and a black roof--the same colors as the original 1953 model--rolls off the assembly line in Bowling Green, Kentucky on this day in 1992\"

The Mazda has a long way to go.
Stein Varjord
Maybe the Corvette is considered another type of car, for some reason. I don\'t know neither the Corvette nor the MX5 intimately, but at least their size is quite different. From the article it seems like two seats is a point, but both the E-Type and the 911 normally have 2 2 seats...
The Corvette is no sports car, and comparing to a Miata is like saying a 747 can be compared to a single-engined Cessna. The Miata is a light, agile roadster. The Corvette is all about power and flashy style. The Miata IS the best-selling true sports car in history.
\"The Corvette is no sports car\"? What are you smoking, fww1?

Your comparison of the Miata to a Cessna is apropo, and no one would call the single-engined Cessna a sport plane! The Corvette would be the Zivko Edge 540. Aside from the silliness of calling a Miata a sports car, the actual record the Miata has must be qualified as the best selling \"OPEN\" two-seater sports car - they\'ve sold a lot of convertibles.

This article is in fact incorrect in saying the have the \"world\'s top selling two seater sports car\" as Masda does not hold that record. Look it up.
John Mellberg
The first generation Datsun/Nissan Z cars also toppled the MGB by 1978 with over 550 thousand units sold. The z-series sold 1,535,000, in five generations in 2005, making it the bestselling sports car series in automotive history. It continues to sell in modest numbers as the 370z, to this day. So, neither the Mazda MX-5 or Corvette can actually claim the title.
What is a true sports car? Is there a definition? If a Jag is a sports car then a Corvette most certainly is. To compare them with a 747 shows how ridiculous fww1 is being.
It would be more like comparing a Cessna with a P-51.
The Corvette is one of the most enduring sports cars ever built. The fact that it is also luxuriously comfortable and aggressively intimidating are further tributes to its heritage.
For the money,not much compares with the Corvette\'s style,comfort and performance for trouble-free extended traveling.
The Corvette is one thing America still does well. They even get good gas mileage!