Michiel Mitchell
it is not McLaren that made the F1 Super.... it was Gordon Murray.
no Gordon Murray == no super-car.
and that is the end of that, as far as McLaren is concerned.
Guy Macher
This is not a true road going car. No ground clearance. I saw an F1 in Celebration Florida, a dream like place with no potholes or pavement irregularities and even there an F1 could not manage the shallow inclines of parking entries. The P1 looks even lower.
Jon Smith
First I think it is gorgeous as is I hope they don't change a thing. Second, Guy Macher it's possible maybe even likely it will have suspension that allows you to raise the front end or even the whole car to increase ride height when not on a track.
I agree with out Gordon Murray No super car . Also if it was so good why has Lewis Hamilton purchased a 760LH PAGANI ZONDA and not gotten one of these .This sorta speaks for its self unless he is not driving for McLaren any more . But than Sauber does not make a super car. Lets see what Jensen Button gets . Interesting that Alonso and Massa both drive cars of their maker . Really can it be a super car with out an F-1 driver backing it .
Mel Tisdale
As dinosaurs go, it is quite pretty, but a dinosaur none-the-less.
"The successor to McLaren's infamous F1" "The McLaren F1 was not only the one-time fastest car in the world, it was an icon that stood head and shoulders above its contemporaries. In a world where the word "supercar" was on its way to dilution, it was the supercar."
The definition of infamous is: having a reputation of the worst kind : notoriously evil. Clearly not what was meant.
It is just my opinion, but as far as I am concerned, this is just another UGLY design study of not much use to the real world.
@geomagic1 - there's an easy reason why Hamilton hasn't purchased one. . . they're not OUT yet! ROFL
I will bet that once it comes out, then it will be purchased. . .
Joe F
@ Drumalis - Do you think of "bad @$$" and "nasty" so literally, too? The F1 was one bad son of a #@$#.
Agree with socalboomer - How exacly is anyone supposed to own one when they just announced the concept. I think McLaren owns the one in existence.
Stephen N Russell
Love 2 drive one, with manumatic etc mode vs std manual trans, 'awesome. needs larger luggage space for rear or front end.