What a beautifully engineered car. That would be my ultimate car if it was a hybrid plugin.
I'm glad they only made one because it's so ugly that I'm shocked McLaren did this. This must be the perfect definition of "more money than sense". YEIKS!
Des Shinnick
That car is sheer beauty.
Lawrence Ramos
Every time I saw this huge amount of money, engineering and craftsmanship invested to reinvent the past, with poor results as usual, I get a little said.
First because some classic automobiles are unique pieces of art that never will be correctly honored as they deserve with current powertrains, carbon-fiber cells or whatever you want to use. They are result of one part of history, with unique context that you can’t reinvent even investing any amount of money that you can imagine.
Monalisa from Leonardo da Vinci is a masterpiece? Yes... David from Michelangelo is great? Evident! I could cite several others but what you get after get one little piece of several different masterpieces? A mess… Second because what turn one car into a classic, into a piece of art are some requisites that I can’t see in this car like: simplicity, harmony between the body lines and volumes flowing all around, integration with the powertrain and so one…
Sometimes you have also some breakthrough, some innovative feature that distinguishes this car from the others… None of these requisites were achieved. I hope that in the future not only this company but all others with similar capabilities will use these unique opportunities with almost free budget and enormous technical expertise to bring something really interesting, something really new and innovative… Or something at last nice.
From this I get two conclusions: our greatest automotive designers and engineers are incapable to bring us something really new, innovative, advanced and nice even with enormous budgets and technical freedom; they are all tied to a master guideline that any automotive brand have; put then out this comfort zone and they will fail!
The future and some important technical developments are vetoed to us until we get conscious that we need to put aside ours egos and use our resources and assets to improve the world around us! Second, I thought Ferrari is sleeping really nice…
It looks like somebody tried to build a Batmobile out of a Porsche 356.
IMO, The car is incredibly beautiful. If i had lots of money and i wanted a supercar, this would be it. Why would i want another racy looking car along the same run-of-the mill sportscar lines like the Ferraris, Lambo, etc. They do look good, but they are so boy-ish.
This car has lines, curves and a rare look. Maybe McLaren could style a 4 seater similar to this? I love it!!! The fact that under that styling is one of the most potent, beastly and capable sportscars around speaks volumes for understated elegance. This is the advent of the matured sportscar. It is a new niche. The big car companies should pay heed that there is a new style in town.
From the comments, it can be seen that the car has attracted positive and negative comments. You either love it or hate it. These are the hallmarks of a great classic.
I think Slowburn nailed it. It is a bit blah but if the guy it was built for is pleased the designer did a good if not great job.
I wish to add my comment to the dislike box. It is a failed mixture of modern roof-line and poorly integrated retro bodywork. Go to Bently or Rolls Royce to find a more fitting chassis to start with.
Money does not buy good taste, but certainly makes that odd things become valuable collectible pieces under the auctioneer's hammer.