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quite obvious two different mice.. .so what's the point of adding that pic...
Quite a discouraging statement. - "Hopefully in the long run the results may be applied to humans, but that wouldn’t be for many years yet, if ever."
Can you imagine if you are someone who is paralyzed and reading this??? Wouldn't you sign anything, absolutely anything to have them try it on you? I would.
Could this also regenerate the nerves of stroke victims???
Ralf Biernacki
"...for many years yet, if ever." It is illegal in the US to allow patients to waive their litigation rights in order to volunteer for experimental treatment. Even if you have a life-changing disability or are on the brink of death. The right to sue is a more fundamental right than the need to live.
Ralf Biernacki
The bottom mouse has had its ears clipped as an identification mark, presumably to tell apart mice that had the treatment. Other than that, it looks similar enough, if less depressed---for obvious reasons. It could be the same mouse, and then again maybe not. I am not a good mouse physiognomist.
I agree with the others...try not to be too optimistic Mr. Irving! (sarcasm) If they did it on mice, they will do it in humans...only a matter of time. This is amazing.
So, what if the injection was administered before injury? Perhaps a permanent repair mechanism...
I was positive something like this would have helped Christopher Reeve but he didn't survive long enough. I wonder if this could help with other nerve damage such as Parkinsons?
Maybe it could make you super-intelligent as in "Flowers for Algernon." Maybe it'd kill you, too.