That seems really clever! Human life depends on bacteria, so if these bacteria shredding nano particles get into the food chain, as all other human ''wonder materials'' have, you can probably say 'bye bye' humans, and probably all other animal life on this planet.
Bacteria have evolved to live in acids, in sub-freezing conditions where ice crystals would normally puncture their cell walls, in near-boiling liquids. If pointy magnetic liquids become a thing natural selection will probably eventually figure out a way around it. But anything that slows them down for a few million generations is probably a good idea.
The researchers say "liquid metal" with no explanation. Am I wrong to think of mercury?
Sorry to pile on the skepticism because we do need new ways to fight bacteria. But, I always cringe when I see quotes like "After 90 minutes, the biofilms were destroyed, as were 99 percent of the bacteria." 99% is how bacteria always seem to form resistance. Where is the 100% approach?
Nanoparticles. Not long ago this was a go to word for science fiction writers. Amazing science...
I’m eager to find out if these nano particles pass through or are accumulated in the liver and/kidneys...
Yakov Dragunov
The very thought of converting my body to an 'industrial ball mill' akin to a small scale cement grinder is viscerally not appealing. If this process in a testtube at this point grinds apart all kinds of cells to the extinction of ALL life bearing cell walls in a test... well ... WE are MADE of .....CELLS. Just whose son and heir thought up this and did not think it through?
Sam RI Digsby MD
Doctors were curing diseases such as syphilis back during the American civil war with silver injections less the silver salts (a difficult preparation compared to penicillin). The alien told me it's actually the electrons that destroy the pathogens. The key is to have the electrons spinning the same direction as the good stuff and counter the bad stuff. And, there is no resistance.
Eric Blenheim
Alfred Searle experimented with a large number of different metals and elements producing colloids and sols effective in treating various health conditions, with silver confirmed as being a marvellous antibiotic.
He wrote the following book, which has only become widely available again in recent years;
The use of colloids in health and disease
by Alfred B. Searle
Published 1920 by Constable in London https://ia802706.us.archive.org/32/items/useofcolloidsinh00searuoft/useofcolloidsinh00searuoft.pdf
Pure Copper in the form of a small bar of soap kills bacteria/germs on the hands. A good thing to use after shopping/handling money...