If this is true I will live to 200. My wife is always reminding me to slow down and we walk 2 miles per day at least.
No mention of type A or B personalities? I have always walked slowly. It is probably in rebellion against people always trying to get me to hurry up to do unimportant or uninteresting things.
Hah!, I'm now in the upper '50's and have been "accused" of walking too fast for most of my life... hopefully, a long and healthy life awaits! <<<I detest the way ATLAS commenting compresses paragraphs in to a single kludge!>>> Other long life associations: - Dog owner? Check. - Married? 30 years and counting. - Moderate alcohol intake? Check. - Life long non-smoker? Check. - Moderate BMI? Working on it. ;-)
This is great news for me. I'm always walking much faster than most people I'm with. Constantly walking ahead, then waiting for them to catch up, then walking ahead. It's a struggle to try and walk at the slow pace many others walk at. It requires like a weird half-step to shuffle slowly.
Douglas Rogers
How does walking speed vary as a function of body type?
OK, it sounds like I'm stuck in Limbo. I always "power walked" through my 40s and into my 50s, but I now walk my Yorkshire Terrier (off leash) so now I walk at a snail's pace (relatively speaking). So where do I fit?
Kpar, Get a different Dog, that shuffle will be the death of you.
Albert L
Using an athletic chest strap heart rate monitor I realized other than jogging uphill, no exercise raised my heartbeat too much. Not lifting weights, riding a bike, walking on level ground. So now I jog a little on level ground to warm up, then walk, then jog uphill for about a minute to get near maximum heart rate, then jog home on level ground for about 13 minutes total 3x per week. Doing this since my 40's and 61 now and it is still easy. Not letting it slide more than a day or two off is critical. Seems those that can run may do the best. search "100-year-old and 102-year-old runners break world records" Eating a leaf that contains cbd before bed seems to cure the pain that was becomming a problem. Thank you, California. Oh yes I eat vegan except on weekends most the time. Corn chips with refried beans and a variety of veggies like chopped spinach, tomato paste, penut butter made into a dip is filling and tasty. I also sometimes fast until night or longer here and there as best I can. That is the hardest part of my routine. Dad passed with cancer at 70, Mom Alzheimer's... so.... I have my reasons!
if that was the case, I would be dead by now. I also was estimated to be ten years younger by someone recently
Is their anyone who didn't know this through common sense? What passes for "science" today is laughable:)