So stupid, not worth a comment
Readout Noise
Well done to the engineers, but beating up a Prius sends a terrible anti-environmental message to the kids who were present.
It looks awesome for movies or TV programs but on the real battle field one well placed bullet will end it I love the look though awesome.
Bob Flint
Why hang the car, let it respond from the ground, and watch it mess up the treads on that over grown bobcat....
Gaëtan Mahon
AFAIK, the artwork they started with appears to be coming from the guy responsible for the Mech designs of Mechwarrior Online.
Anyway... When I first saw it, WAY BACK, I immediately was like: "That's so not going to happen"
2-3 years later and it looks like I was right. They haven't made any progress at all. The whole thing not only looks pretty much exactly the same as in the beginning. They now ridicule themselves by covering it in an American Eagle theme?! Bruh...
They might want to take a look at Method 2 who, while it appears to have arrive later, can actually walk and move it's arms according to it's pilot.
Beyond stupid, terrible waste of time and materials. Flag waving, anti Japanese, childish. And what silly arse thought of the scavenger bird on the shoulder of this stupid machine....the whole thing absolutely stupid. 😉
I have never regretted turning off my TV feed 14 years ago. When they get to the Real Steel level, let me know. Until then, it's not even entertainment.
This may end up being the second biggest disappointment of 2017
As far as the quality of the robots, they don't have military budgets, so they won't look too amazing, at first. As far the Prius goes, no one cares about it! It's a Prius! One of the ugliest cars to ever hit the market. People only buy em to act like they're "helping the environment." Seriously, no car maker can truly say that because of the processes the materials need to go through! If any kids were watching, chances are, they didn't know what a Prius was. I'm not against the environment, I'm against protecting something that doesn't need to be protected, i.e. the Prius and "anti-Japanese" claims.
Beyond dumb. What a terrible message. Never has there been a more political symbol forced on a car than with the prius. You wouldn't believe the hatred and ignorance people show over nothing more than a car with four wheels. For them, it's all about politics. If you think it's ugly, fine, but for the record, there are plenty of very ugly cars out there. And no, people don't always buy them to brag about the environment. Has anyone here been approached by a prius owner for preaching? I haven't. They buy them because they're reliable and cheap at the pump when gas prices spike. And yes, some buy them for eco image. Who cares? Many folks apparently - the true preachers. They're amazing cars technically which is one of reasons folks like us come to websites like this. We like technical things. I'm pretty sure, that the engineers at toyota, who worked for years on the prius, didn't work to create a symbol to be used like the one being shown here. A real shame. The world continues to slides downward - sigh....