LOL - it looks different, so they can make up as much bogus hokum as they like for their marketing PR, and folks without good spacial and physics understanding won't see through it.
So they are heavier than normal forks and cost 3 times as much. Yep, I'll hold off and if the uptake is good the price will drop and then I *might* think about a set. Price needs to be < USD$800
Very inefficient design. The two upper, trailing struts are redundant, and do nothing. The same effect could be achieved with the axle fixed to the end of the first link, starting at the forks, and replace the gas unit with rubber in compression. The variation in springing could be provided by multiple pivot points on the trailing strut, or an adjustable mounting for the rubber, to vary compression. Rubber provides its own damping. This would require fewer components to make and to wear out, less weight, and a significant reduction in cost, making it a more attractive sale item. KISS! is the engineers motto. [Keep It Simple, Stupid!]
Bob Stuart
There is no illustration to assess the anti-dive performance, and no range of travel mentioned. Is the springing progressive, or does it hit a stop? What is the range of frequencies obtained? Is everyone in such a hurry that only half-baked ideas get to market? And why does this input panel keep going away?
Paul Muad'Dib
It looks like it doesn’t have very much travel.
Expanded Viewpoint
Not much of a video on ANY level! Is it supposed to inspire us to buy one? Not me. Is it supposed to dazzle us with the brilliance of the design? Not me. Is it supposed to show us how it actually works? I must have missed that part, but I'm not going to watch it again as the price is several times more than it's worth.
Utterly useless video. This leads me to conclude that they don't really have convincing information to disseminate.
It doesn't dive because the total travel is only 30% of a telescoping fork? Does anyone else find the price tag + the company name produce a considerable amount of cognitive dissonance? Does anyone doubt a steep price on the 250 hour service call?
Been done. Grivin/Pro Flex in the 90s had linkage fork with same claims. Was heavy and fragile...but it looked cool. History repeats LOL.
fugly, it just doesn;t look right, i'd put the old roxshox mag 20 on before this thing