Oh dear! The ''CO2 panic button'' isnt working very well, non of our panic predictions have happened. We'll have to try another one. Perhaps methane will do the trick. Or maybe not.
"the study suggests..." This sure sounds like wishful thinking. I hope the CO2 crowd is successful in removing carbon from the world. I would hope they start by extracting the 25lbs of it from their own bodies first to show some sincerity and conviction in their beliefs. What is sad is that somebody with letters after their name can write something like this and get paid for it. Carbon, along with the rest of the elements have been here for 4 billion years. They will remain here until the sun reabsorbs us in another 4 billion. Stop wasting our time and concentrate on getting us off this rock before we burn up.
Denier! Denier! Denier! 97% consensus that CO2 and only CO2 is causing all the warming. Stop being anti-science and pro-big oil, you Faux News Trumpster shills. Submit to the consensus or pay the price!
Good call Nik. And they've even "improved" it by deciding it will cause indeterminate length problems. No end in sight.
Robert in Vancouver
I have lived 50 metres from the Pacific Ocean for the last 48 years of my adult life but have not seen any change in sea levels during that time. If there was a change I would see higher tides marks change on piers, cliffs, and beaches, but there's no change. I would have seen floods in nearby areas that are below sea level and protected by dikes, but there's no floods. Facts just don't matter when you believe in the "Man-made Global Warming Religion".
Rann Xeroxx
The oceans have been rising at an accelerated rate since ocean rise started to be measured long before the 1950's (the point of massive human release of CO2). And if you look at core samples there is nothing unprecedented about modern warming. Considering the cycles of El Niño & La Niña along with other factors there is nothing unusual about Arctic and Antarctic ice. CO2 is a GH gas but it simply is not a very powerful one and all of these computer model require strong positive feedback loops with water vapor for CO2 increase to have any significance and that feedback simply is not occurring.
The biggest driver to long term climate is the Sun both directly with illumination but also indirectly with the retreat of the solar wind and increase in cosmic rays causing cloud formation and cooling. Couple this with El Niño & La Niña, the Earth's wobble on its axis, and if you look into the millions of years even the bobbing of our star within the galactic arm as the Milky Way rotates, you can see clear patterns that emerge that far better match the temp data.
OMG 3 feet in ... 2900; I'am so scared... i go back sleeping in my bed, just wake me up on January 1st 2900.
Bruce Warren
The coefficient of thermal expansion of water = 0.00021 per degree C. The verage depth of the oceans is 12,100 ft. If temperature rises one degree the depth would increase 2.5ft. I own a beach house and the tide does that now. So I know it would not be a problem at my place. And we are supposed to be fretting about a tiny Pacific island 850 years from now.... you gotta come with something scarier than that to get my attention.
Ken Brody
Don't worry. Those ginormous ice cubes called ice shelfs and glaciers will cool off the oceans faster than predicted.
I'll have ocean front property in central Florida if I live just another 600 years. Goody!
Douglas Bennett Rogers
About 80% of the AGW is probably due to pumping water in the dessert. This can be seen from the pronounced rise in afternoon wet bulbs and morning lows.