Imran Sheikh
a classic work of art...
I can see that there could be issues if someone parked too close in front of you, thus preventing the door from opening?
The thing is so tiny that you wouldn't ever need to parallel park it, you would just park it head or tail first, that way nobody could block your hatch.
Microlio's maximum speed of 90 km/h fits perfect to the Swiss limit of 80 km/h on suburban streets. In Germany the limit is 100 km/h - I wonder if the car will have an option for pumped-up model. Although 110km/h in this little nutshell seams scary. Interesting is also what are the crash tests results.
Seems a sad certainty we’ll never see it in the states. I love this thing!!
Wow: 2.4 meters (7.8 ft) is about 0.15m (0.67 ft) shorter than the first-gen SmartCar. But why is the weight (450 kg / 990 lb) stated "without battery"? Even if they don't know which exact battery they'll use, can't they give us an estimate? For example, "With a battery, the Microlino will weigh between 600 and 750 kg, depending on capacity."
Unfortunately in usa, you can't park it head first into a parking spot as I found out in my electric smart fortwo the hard way with an unfriendly parking ticket. In usa, the passenger side wheels have to be along the curb even if it's more dangerous or inconvenient.
Don Duncan
The only thing that makes this BEV worth considering is the price. With a subsidy, it might be worth it for a few. I say "might" because the battery life/cost has to be factored in and those were not given. But then again, I might be wrong. I assume people think (analyze) before making a big purchase. That's probably wrong. Dziks: Safety specs used by buyers to evaluate? We both assume too much of people. VadimR: "...even if it's more dangerous..."? No, a law that is impractical? Or unneeded and stupid? Perish the thought. Are you an anarchist? Our glorious rulers will have to "re-educate" you.
No problem, Kwetla. Just back to the curb. It's short enough. But, certainly, it's ugly enough that nobody would want to park near it. LOL
Fast Eddie
These tiny vehicles paint an image for electric vehicles as slow, tiny, teetering, nuisance hazards on the road in the mix of larger vehicles.