I could only wish that W10 would be as stable as OS/2 was in the 1990s; but we know no Windows will ever be stable, let alone take us into the future. Maybe this is why is not named W9 as not to make a connection with the 1990s where Windows was a far second place to OS/2 and only came ahead by bribes provided to magazine reviewers and the dreadful inertia. Maybe is named W10 to try competing against Apple’s OSX. Maybe is named W10 as everybody is skipping releases as they are getting worse every time. W10 is Windows XP without the ”P” - that could stand for Progress; with the sole advantage of running 64bit and using over 4GB of RAM. Maybe this is why they are going to give it for free.
Tom Lee Mullins
I had used OS/2 Warp years ago. It was really good. The then version of Windows kept crashing and was slow. This is true of Win 8.1 which I currently use. It is slow and prone to malware. I also use - on another computer - the current version of OS/2 called eComStation. I am hoping to upgrade my Win 8.1 computer to Win 10. I am hoping it is better than Win 8 since it would be difficult to be worse. I am hoping on the development of ReactOS so I won't have to use any version of Windows.
Eric Brackenbury
Open Source is the way of the future. Linux is so simple to use and install I can’t believe more people aren’t aware of it. Ubuntu or Mint both are very capable and come with upgrades and software FREE people Free.
Yet another version of MacroS#!t. If you buy it, more (versions) will come. I keep all my files encrypted in one place and backup them up from there. When a virus comes in, I reboot the machine and start fresh. I don't allow anything extra on my machine, nothing. "Do you want to restart your computer now?" Seriously, what's up with that?
Rex Alfie Lee
Problem Microsoft have got is that their idea of the network is fundamentally like govt where they control it whilst being controlled by govt. The next issue is that they are so far behind in their vision of the world, no-one cares & lastly, what they did when they were in control before made many of us hate them. I for one hate them so much that owning anything Microsoft would show me to have far less integrity than I actually have &I wouldn't do that. On my computer I use Ubuntu, it came with Windows but I crushed it. On all other hardware I run Android & whilst that isn't my preference, at least the base is Linux. To Microsoft, screw you...
Mike Malsed
Yeah - Linux was so simple and well put together that after 2 years, Munich dropped it because people had a hard time using it and it was not as interoperable as was claimed or that they needed. OS/2 was really good, but there were few applications written for it. Heck BEos was really better than just about anything else out there, but there wasn't anything to DO on it. Win10 is 10, not 9, because of coding that indicates Win9x. This avoids programmatic confusion. It'd be the same if Apple had an os that expanded on 6 or 7 . . .
Are you guys for real, or are you bots from some backwards, disconnected third-world country? Linux? OSX? Ubuntu? If you have specific software targeted to one of these OS's for a specific niche market then sure, but in the real world, people use Windows. And how can you not be excited about Windows 10? Even Windows 8 is awesome if you know how to use it. Microsoft's only true glitch lately has been Windows RT. Regardless, Windows 8 is a pretty good OS and Windows 10 sounds like it's an excellent next step for MS. It'll be fun to see how it evolves.
OSX is the OS running on millions of iMac computers, not to mention millions of iPhones/iPads. You want to talk about a unified OS, talk OSX – looks and reacts different in iPhones, iPads, and iMacs purposely because these devices are used differently. Micro$oft is talking about having the exact OS in small, medium and large devices, it doesn’t work that way. Micro$oft has learned nothing. Micro$oft holograms? Give me a break. Since W95, Micro$oft has always presented each new OS as the next revolution, just to release a bunch of non-unified code that breaks easily and is easily hackable. “Microsoft's only true glitch has been Windows RT”, really, we have not forgotten about Vista. I still get Blue screens with W7, and there have been trillions of human-hours wasted due to Windows crashing out of nothing. I mentioned OS/2 from the 1990s because it is better and more stable than the new W7/W8/W?, disregarding there are few current applications for it. Talking about the OS alone, OS/2 is better. Linux (Red Hat amongst others) is running on millions of computers worldwide, way more stable than W7/W8/W? including running in way more servers than Windows. I can only wish that all the software that I use would work on OSX or Linux so I can ditch Windows and never look back.
Ken Heslip
OSX isn't running on iphones/ipads. Your ignorance is palpable. Seriously who still uses Micro$oft any more? "Crapple" are a richer company. Holograms yes. You wouldn't know the future if an iphone knocked at your door in 2004. Lunix is way more stable than an OS you obviously don't use. Get out of here. And 1.5 BILLION people use Windows....the next version of which will be Linux. Please stick to Linux. You won't be missed.
THY, what are you babbling about? Let me just copy and paste what Ken said 'OSX isn't running on iphones/ipads.' Thanks Ken, for pointing out that THY doesn't know what he's talking about. THY, I actually made and deployed a few iOS apps - you use Cocoa and Objective C specifically for iOS apps, and they aren't the same as desktop apps. And I always laugh at people blubbering about Windows crashing and not being stable. I'm a programmer - use Visual Studio all day, SMS, IIS, Apache, Adobe CS products, WAMP, and I have a iMac that I used xCode on. Windows is just as stable and virus-free for me as my Mac. Maybe you need to understand computers more if you're having so many problems. Also, you say 'Micro$oft is talking about having the exact OS in small, medium and large devices, it doesn’t work that way. Micro$oft has learned nothing. '. Well, I wouldn't bet against them, because Windows 8 actually does some of this now. You just need to go out and learn a little about that thar' newfangled technology. Case in point, I'm typing this on my HP Split. Right now it's connected to its keyboard in laptop form with a DVD drive and 23 inch external monitor. It's an i3 running all the software and services I mentioned above. When I finish this, I'll disconnect the screen and boom, it's a tablet. Then I'll sit on my sofa and run Kindle on the tablet (or play a game, or do email, or browse...). It's really an extremely powerful hybrid. It's a brave new world out there THY, don't be afraid to explore it.