That looks like a ton of fun and the suit + turret is the coolest thing I have seen in a while.
While suit + turret might be cool, from a military point of view a slow moving, unarmored, very loud, attention grabbing flying thing is called an easy target ... or possibly skeet.
As others have said, the person in the suit will be a (flying and) sitting duck and would have basically no chance of surviving. The head-tracking turret looks pretty scary too -- look at the picture and imagine that the wearer turns his/her head far to the left. Shooting one's self in the foot is bad but...
Don't you need to be pretty strong to fly with one of these,as the thrust is directed down from your downward pointing arms,so arm strength would be vital to keep thrust pointing in the right direction. I can see this suit being useful for getting first aid to inaccessible spots,but for military use,as Oirinth and Bodger said,you would be a prime target for ground based bad guys.
Jason Woody
Nice Project,
I kept coming up with many ideas about how to improve this setup.
Like having a pivot point attached to the backpack with servo powered joints to releave the operator having to use muscle power as much.
And mostly I feel having the gimbal horizontal axis only move 20 degrees, no reason for 90 degree of rotation but 20 or so would definitely help instead of the operator trying to pivot to the sides to aim.
I want to fly one.
Adrian Akau
I say it is a waste of time.
There's always someone with a cooler career than you. Except for this guy. No one has a cooler career than him...
I see the value of it as a "mini chopper missions" but *evidently*, no one is fool enough to try the same on an enemy vessel..... Oh look, a flying duck... "hoh hoh hoh... it's not wabbit season... it's duck season"...
...I suppose weaponized drones could go in first to 'soften' resistance, and then the armed jet pilots.
Phil H Spector
I think this is a terrific idea.
Phil Spector