1000x less complexity than Boston Dynamics AlphaDog/BigDog and far exceeds the carrying capacity, distance. Reduces power requirement, noise, and cost.
If the US would have put the time and effort into developing something like this instead of chasing concepts like AlphaDog that are best left to science fiction they might have something useful to show for it.
Michael Wilson
The US does already. Its called the packbot series. They've seen active combat and have been in use for years for various tasks. Mostly bomb disposal though.
Randolph Garrison
If they want to replace soldiers they need a humanoid robot that can utilize the equipment developed for the soldiers use.
The first thing that comes to mind is just how bullet proof is it? What is the range? Will a small antipersonnel mine take it out? Watching it run through snow in the video is a lot different than sand and rocky terrain. It won't be much help if it can be defeated easily. I could see it being the most useful for patrol at night or as a portable alarm that could be posted and move around a perimeter.
Island Architect
Veddy Clever and nice too. Great design!
Would be awfully nice for many functions and it could be easily imagined as larger and much faster.
A fleet of these could wreck havoc or help and assist in many ways.
With the GE gatling guns or the lighter versions it would be absolutely devastating.
No more fun in war for those who love it!
Paul Anthony
This makes me feel ill.
Just what the world really doesn't need, robots with machine guns and no conscience; as if it wasn't bad enough with normal soldiers and groups like ISIS running lose in the world. I can see it already, machines like this patrolling American streets to keep the Slaves in line. And people wonder why I really don't trust the government to be looking out for my best interests and Liberty
Stephen N Russell
Apps for:
Prison Security Security Jail security Plant security Recon wilderness fire fighting. MedEvac Rescue Debris removal Office security IE DoD, DoT, State Dept, UN?
1 step closer in turning fiction ("The Terminator", the backstory of "Dune") into reality. Yaay!
It's just a mobility platform for a payload. I agree that we wouldn't give machines the right to shoot anything autonomously but I don't see a "Decides who the bad guys are" module anywhere.
The fact that humanity is so willing to engage in conflicts tells us that our ancestors that survived to give life to us were not the pacifists. Becoming pacifists now would be ignoring that the ancestors of our enemies weren't pacifists either.