The pick of the first morning of the Frankfurt Motor Show was the MINI Coupe Concept, one of just two previously unannounced cars we’ve seen so far, the other being the equally minimalist MINI Roadster Concept. The coupe will go into production, has just two seats, and the 1.6 litre twin-scroll turbo motor from the MINI Cooper S.

With 2009 being MINI’s 50th birthday, it was to be expected that something special might be in the offing, and both of the MINI concept cars that were announced for the first time here today are certain to see production according to the opening press conference today, where BMW Board Member and Sales and Marketing Manager Ian Robertson said quite clearly that both cars would go into production at the company’s Oxford plant, growing the MINI family to six vehicles.

The Coupe concept is different to previous minis, though it should be said that structurally, they’re all based on the same model to the waistline. The Coupe concept is a pure two seater, meaning there are no rear occupants to deal with the limited headroom of the low and sweeping roofline, and the luggage space is dramatically increased.

The Coupe will be ideal for two people with more space than you’ll find in a pure sports car. The tailgate and rear window both lift high and clear providing convenient access to a very un-sportscar-like 250 litres storage space.

A pure sports driving experience is assured by the choice of engine. Designed from the outset for the most powerful engine in the MINI line-up, the 1.6 litre twin-scroll turbocharged engine from the MINI Cooper S.

Accordingly, the lightweight and minimalist MINI Coupe Concept will be a sports performer, with 155 kW, that’s 211 bhp and peak torque reaching a healthy 280 Newton metres.

If you look carefully at each angle of the Coupe, you’ll see numerous reminiscent images from other models in the range.

Oh, and happy birthday to MINI.

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