um why not just make nice coffee to start with?
I think coffee is habit forming enough. Die-hard coffee drinkers do not to be continually enticed to go get their fix. I speak from experience. I\'d drink mud if it had enough caffeine in it.
Bill Bennett
because it is for Starbucks and they can\'t so they call sizes fancy names, hence the scented lid
Helios Higgins
there are only 5 tastes, the word you are looking for is flavor- the combination of a taste, and a scent. there are thousands of flavors
NOTHING is going to improve the taste of Starbucks coffee... but maybe this will at least disguise it enough to be palatable! I am with Adrien!
Maybe drinking coffee from a plastic cup is not the best idea (the taste of plastic)Taking off the plastic lid may help to enhance the taste. If you are drinking coffee on the go, maybe you are not that bothered about the taste. Glass cups don\'t taste like plastic!
Or just punch a hole in lid at nose-level and not worry about sip-and-sniff coffee lids.
Devon Nullz
More creative ways to strip-mine the earth of materials and produce new things for landfills.
"taste is 95 percent smell"
-- The Ministry of Imaginary Statistics and Data
William H Lanteigne
I don\'t think it would be so hard to devise a coffee scented air freshener to hang off the car mirror, and it would only have to be replaced once a month or so.
\"Lids? We don\' need no steenking lids...\"